The Magic Roundabout Milongas

Informal milongas with traditional music and cortinas, in TTVTTM format.

The Magic Roundabout presents ‘The SUNDAY SERVICE’, a series of Sunday afternoon milongas, practica & tango classes at Watney Hall in Lydney, The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

The DOUBLE BILL Milongas
The Magic Roundabout presents ‘The DOUBLE BILL Milongas’, two informal milongas with traditional music and cortinas, and a break between 5 and 6pm for a shared meal in Kington Langley, Chippenham.

DatesKington Langley Venue | Lydney VenueAlmondsbury Venue | Tidenham Chase Venue

Paul Strudwick is the resident DJ and plays music from the 20′s to the 50′s, using the structure of tango tandas in 4s, vals and milonga in 3s.

Occasionally there will be guest djs for special events, check the dates page for details.

Entry £10.

Free tea / coffee and light refreshments. You’re welcome to bring your own alcohol.