FREE party! ✮ 25th September ✮ The Sunday Service is 1 year old ✮

The SUNDAY SERVICE ✮ 25th September 2016 ✮ Milonga with DJ Paul Strudwick and DJ Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar

The Magic Roundabout presents ‘The SUNDAY SERVICE’ ~ Watney Hall, Lydney

The September edition of the Sunday Service will be on Sunday 25th September 2016. How time flies! It’s the first anniversary of the Sunday Service milongas and entry will be FREE!

There is plenty of car parking and this is also FREE!

1st Birthday Party - Magic Roundabout Sunday Service Milonga

As usual,  the milonga will be held at the Watney Hall in Lydney, part of the newly refurbished 3 Hill Street, the old British Legion club.

The event space has a great dancefloor, while downstairs there is the main bar where you can order drinks and Sunday lunch (it is essential to book in advance for food!)

Between 1.30-2.30pm there will be a tango class with Bärbel Rücker. The class is open for everyone and we will focus on tango fundamentals & body awareness.

upcoming SUNDAY SERVICE dates

  • Sunday, 25 SEPTEMBER 2016
  • Sunday, 23 OCTOBER 2016
  • Sunday, 27 NOVEMBER 2016


  • Watney Hall, 3 Hill Street, Lydney, Gloucestershire. GL15 5HW