VIDEO Burley Tango Festive SPECIAL 2014



Early Burley Traditional Milonga 1.30-5.30pm
DJ: Paul Strudwick
Entrance £10

Festive Social Supper 5.30-7.00pm
£8 – Please book before 11th December.

Milonga Feliz Navidad 7.00-11.00pm
DJ: Alejandro Sasha Vicente-Grabovetsky “El Tordo” (NL)
Entrance £10


Organised by Harriet Green & Roger Fulton (

VIDEO by Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar
Burley Tango Festive SPECIAL – Milonga ONE
with DJ Paul Strudwick (13th December 2014)

PHOTO by Harriet Green
Burley Tango Festive SPECIAL – Festive Social Supper (13th December 2014)

Buerly Tango Festive SPECIAL by Harriet Green

Tango, Tandas & Technology – 2 Workshops for Tango Music Lovers & DJs in London

Tango, Tandas & Technology - 2 seminars for tango music lovers and DJs in LondonTango, Tandas & Technology - 2 seminars for tango music lovers and DJs in London

The Magic Roundabout Milongas & present:

Tango, Tandas & Technology -
2 Workshops for Tango Music Lovers & DJs.

Bärbel Rücker and Paul Strudwick draw on their combined experience of tango dj’ing and sound engineering to present this essential guide for anyone wanting an appreciation of the skills involved in organising a tango music library and dj’ing.
  • Part 1 will be about where to find tango music and helps to understand the often mentioned and discussed file formats (FLAC, mp3, wav etc.), which orchestras shouldn’t be missed out and which ones could be interesting to explore more.
  • Part 2  will be about how to approach the milonga, construction of tandas, choice of cortinas, quality of sound equipment and tips on how to control the sound, and how to dj a good night.
This we hope will also give people who are not dj-ing the tools to appreciate and appraise other djs and events, and of course is relevant to anyone running events.


SUNDAY, 14th December 2014

  • 7.30 – 9.30 pm
    WS Tango, Tandas & Technology [Part 1]
    with Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar & Paul Strudwick
    about music (quality, acquisition, formats, tagging, orchestras etc.)

SUNDAY, 11th January 2015

  • 7.30 – 9.30 pm
    WS Tango, Tandas & Technology [Part 2]
    with Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar & Paul Strudwick
    about milongas (technical setup, tandas, cortinas, do’s & don’ts etc.)


  • The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, London  NW8 8EH.


Please register in advance via email: (name, workshop(s), contact). Limited places.


  • 1 workshop £30
  • Both workshops £55


The Magic Roundabout Word Search Puzzle – Christmas

The second of a series of “The Magic Roundabout Word Search Puzzles” is released today (Wednesday, 26th November 2014).

The Magic Roundabout Word Search Puzzle – Christmas

Can you find the hidden words used with Christmas?
We’ll start you off with Christmas DAY.

Every word may be written left to right, diagonally, upwards or downwards.

For a chance of free entry email your answer to Come to the next Magic Roundabout Milonga on Thursday, 11th December 2014 in Almondsbury and find out if you are the lucky winner.

MR Word Search Puzzle - Christmas


VIDEO Magic Roundabout November Milonga Double Bill | Kington Langley

Thank you all for coming! - The Magic Roundabout Milonga Double Bill

Thank you all for a great Double Bill milonga @ The Magic Roundabout Milongas Saturday, 22nd November 2014.

A special thanks to our helpers Martin Palmer & Pauline Mulford. Congratulations to our first winner of the Magic Roundabout Word Search Puzzle Heather Saunders. Thank you David Venney for presenting your Vidadance dance shoes. At least two ladies have been spotted in new “Eve’s” during the milongas.

Still amazed by how far you all traveled in order to celebrate tango with us: Cambridge, Paignton, Swansea among others.

This video was taken during the 2nd DJ set @ The Magic Roundabout November Milonga Double Bill | Kington Langley (22nd November  2014) in Kington Langley.

NEXT event at The Magic Roundabout Milongas:

VIDEO by Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar
November Milonga – Double Bill @ The Magic Roundabout in Kington Langley
with DJ Paul Strudwick & DJ Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar (22nd November 2014)

Just around the corner – travel distances to Almondsbury

Almondsbury Village Hall

We like to welcome you to one of our regular event venue in Almondsbury.

NEXT December Milonga ‘Christmas Edition’ 2014 at Almondsbury [Thursday, 11th December 2014, 7-11pm]

Check out how to get there from your location. It’s closer than you think.

  • Bath – 23 miles – via A46 & M4
  • Birmingham – 82 miles – via A46 & M5
  • Bournemouth – 85 miles – via A350
  • Bristol – 9 miles – via M32
  • Cambridge – 154 miles – via M4
  • Cardiff – 37 miles – via M4
  • Cheltenham – 35 miles – via M5
  • Eton – 99 miles – via M4
  • Exeter – 84 miles – via M5
  • Gloucester – 28 miles – via M5
  • Guildford – 103 miles – via M4
  • Hereford – 55 miles – via M5
  • London – 117 miles – via M4
  • Newport – 24 miles via M4
  • Oxford – 71 miles - via A420 & M4
  • Reading – 76 miles – via M4
  • Southampton – 84 miles – via A36
  • Swansea – 73 miles – via M4
  • Taunton – 49 miles – via M5

Find your way to Almondsbury Old School Hall on Google Maps: